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PQF Assure your commercial property is secure

Updated: May 2

Manufacturers all claim to offer you the best way to keep your property secure. We give all our new clients impartial advice, tailor-made to meet your needs, and assured to work perfectly.

Working closely with several approved contractors, and drawing on our extensive experience, we advise our clients how best to approach their security needs without any ‘upsell’ to buy a particular product. We offer turnkey solutions with integrated fencing systems using security devices such as intercoms, automated gates, CCTV and PIR lights specific to your needs.

SR1 Rating

Working with the UK government, the LPCB (Loss Prevention Board) sets the standard for products in the security industry, providing buyers confidence in purchasing verified products resistant to attack. Every product approved by the LPCB has an ‘SRrating, having been thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards.

SR1 Security Fencing can withstand opportunistic attempts at forced entry using tools such as cable cutters, screwdrivers, knives and hammers, for a period of up to 1 minute. SR1 rated fencing is ideal for security critical perimeter installations such as infrastructure perimeters, financial depots, and government buildings. For extra security a variety of fence toppers can be added such as our rotating anti-climb fence spikes. We pride ourselves on our ability to install SR1 rated products from a range of suppliers to suit your project and budget.


PQF put safety as paramount and at the forefront of any project. From the correct installation methods, through to the end use, PQF ensure installation is carried out correctly and safely. With safety in mind we always recommend and use BS standard compliant products to ensure compliance.


Security works best when convenient to the user. At PQF we believe ease of use is important whichever security system solution you choose. Be it an automated entrance that ensures gates close behind users, or a carefully laid out access route that ensure passing traffic will not come into contact with it, using our wealth of hands on experience within the sector we can recommend the best solution for you.


Sometimes the best form of security is the public not knowing what’s behind your fence! We offer the reassurance of a metal fence integrated with several types of screening installed upon it, often used where a softer aesthetic is required.


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