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Which choice of automated gate is best for the environment?

Updated: May 2

PQF can guide you through the best options when choosing a gate with sustainability and environmental impact in mind.

Choice 1: Gate material

Your choice of material sets the tone for your gate with different materials giving a selection of benefits. PDF is not tied to specific manufacturer which allows us to offer several options to our clients that will compliment any entrance.

Most common materials:

  • Timber – Built specifically with automation in mind. These gates are built with 'heavy duty bottom rails'. Designed to withstand the unique pressures automation products exert on a gate, the bottom rails mitigate the risk of bending or warping.

  • Steel timber clad – When strength is a real priority alongside gentle aesthetics these are our go to solution. Comprising of a steel frame and clad with timber.

  • Steel – Often supplied to our commercial/industrial clients where security is the first priority. In coastal areas steel should be galvanised, and we offer the option of colour via RAL coloured powder coating paint.

  • Aluminium – A perfect choice giving gates a stylish and modern feel, whilst also offering a rusty free solution for many years to come.

Choice 2: Gate styles

There are several different styles of gate to choose from:

  • Traditional 5 bar field gate – Often used in rural areas, these gates provide an element of vehicular security whilst giving a welcoming feel.

  • Solid boarded gate – When privacy is of the upmost importance, solid boarded gates allow our clients to feel less overlooked by passing public

  • Half boarded gate – These gates provide an element of privacy, but can also let light and air through. Often a good choice in windy areas allow some wind to pass through.

  • Security gate – When security is paramount we offer a range of gates for peace of mind. Be it a palisade or a solid bar design, these gates suit more industrial areas.

Choice 3: Gate operation

  • Sliding gate – A fantastic option for your property if you have the space. These gates require the gate opening size, plus one third to one side of the gate, allowing enough room to operate.

  • Swing gate – A fantastic option if your property is level, these gates do not require any space to the side of your entrance.

  • Bi-fold gate – When there is little room for a gate to swing, and when a slider is not an option, these gates tick the box. Opening like a conventional swing gate and then folding again, these gates are a very versatile option.

Choice 4: Gate safety

When choosing a gate PQF we offer our clients safety by design. All of our gates are UKCA marked upon completion, and comply with the 2008 supply of machinery directive..

Other key aspects we take into consideration:

  • Hinge design gate posts – Needed to support your gates for years to come

  • Hinge design – Pinch or shearing points are a real concern for members of the public, children and pets. We can design a hinge that reduces the percentage of reduction between the post and gate.

  • Accredited installers – PQF have dedicated gate installers who hold industry recognised qualifications. Our installers will provide you with a site specific risk assessment, clearly outlining risks, and showing how we have reduced them.

  • Reputable brands – Although we always try to make our gates economical, practicality comes into play. Trusted brands are designed and built to be used intensively.


PQF take the supply of products very seriously. Not being tied to a specific brand means our product guarantees vary from 25 years to 1 year. Cost can be a factor in the length of guarantee so we tailor guarantees to our client's budget. We always give a 1 year guarantee to our workmanship.

Long term support

PQF can provide service plans on all of our installations, giving our clients peace of mind that our installations will always receive prompt repairs, and technical advice.

If you'd like to discuss your automated gate options with us please contact us and we'll be happy to help guide you through the options.

PQF Gate Team


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