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Property Secured.
Access Automated.

Our teams of expert installers implement our core values in every project. Using our own specialist in-house plant ensures our operatives are efficient and economical, resulting in a speedy, safe and reliable installation.

PQF installs  security fencing solutions across the southeast... 

PQF Secure - Property Secured

Providing automated entrances for both commercial and residential clients

PQF Automate - Automatic Gate Solutions

Over the years PQF have installed over 50km of solar fencing alone

PQF Agri - Agri Solutions

PQF is a leading provider of solutions in the field of property fencing, access control and boundary security. By offering commercially viable solutions through three divisions...

We Build Fencing Solutions That Last


With a wide base of repeat customers PQF have been able to engage with our suppliers to meet client’s needs and budgets. Being involved within the commercial sector has led to the achievement of industry specific qualifications such as;

PQF Accrediations
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